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Video Tutorial

Step 1 Become a Member
- It's FREE clip the "Log In" Icon in the top right corner and sign up with a email and password.   

Step 2
 Book Your Meeting
- Head to the "Book Meeting" Tab to schedule your meeting 
- Your meeting will be a 1 on 1 meeting with one of our Elevate Hockey IQ Coaches and  the meeting link will be emailed to you and held through a Zoom. 

Step 3 Upload your game clips/shifts to your position folder
  - Head to the "Upload Video" Tab and find your position folder (Defenseman or Forward folder) and upload your clips to that folder. - Make sure your clips are saved as Last name/Date/OpponentExample: Motte/12-10-21/Wild

Hockey IQ Journal (17.663 x 11.25 in) (1).jpg

Elite Hockey IQ Journal

         Do you self review your performance post game? Every NHL player does and with this journal you can too.  This Elite Hockey IQ Journal is designed for players of all ages and it walks you through a Pro style self review process.  This journal will help you understand/think about your game at a level most players never have. Thinking at a higher level will provide details into what areas of your game are consistently good, what areas need improving on and make you think about different hockey IQ aspects over the course of a game.  While going through the Elite Hockey IQ Journal you will learn about your game, grow your overall Hockey IQ and ultimately  Elevate your game to the next level.

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